Greenwich Morris will be welcoming the summer in their traditional manner – by dancing as the sun comes up on May Day. We’ll be near the south gate of Greenwich Park, where the donkeys rides are, close to the pond at 5.15 am. Yes, 5.15 am. You are most welcome to join us. We always have an audience of thousands – mostly driving trucks to or from Dover. Later in the day we’ll be in Rochester at the Sweeps Festival. On Saturday, 6th May we’ll be dancing in Chislehurst, at the Queen’s Head at noon and then at the crowning of the May Queen on the Common at 3.00pm. Then we’ll be dancing somewhere in the borough on most Thursday evenings, until it gets dangerously dark to dance with hefty sticks, in October. I’ll post the venues we’ll visit here. And if any men are interested in joining, and learning the original street dance, you would be most welcome. Let us know.